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Last week one of students from Germany - Marco had the opportunity to go horseriding at the beautiful Ardmore Riding School just 5 minutes from the city.

Although Marco is blind, the riding school has experience working with visually impaired riders and was able to give him a unique and holistic experience.

SAM 1135


The emphasis of the lessons, which are not only for blind students but for all learners, is on forming a connection between the horse and rider which developes trust, understanding and confidence.

SAM 1190


Patricia Phelan is the stable owner and a very experienced horsewoman. She is a brilliant instructor and keeps everyone calm and focused.

particia ardmore


Louise Moorhead is one of the instructors, and has worked with many Foyle International students over the years, coaching and supervising. Louise worked closely with Marco helping him to brush and groom the horse, tack up and ride out! 


SAM 1174


Mura, our admissions manager at the school, and a keen (if rather inexperienced) rider also went out to the stables to experience the "Ardmore Touch" and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

SAM 1140

"What a fantastic afternoon," said Mura. "The setting out at Ardmore is spectacular - lush rolling countryside and woodland, and loads of bridal paths and places to hack-out. The facilities at the stables are brilliant, as they have an outdoor arena plus a new indoor arena - very useful for the unpredictable Irish weather!

I've enjoyed it so much that I've already booked more lessons for myself and the two kids at the weekend!" 


SAM 1128

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Friday 17 august 5 17 /08 /Aug 11:10






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A few days ago, Luis arrived with his family in Derry. He already knows the city beaucse in 2010 he spent a sabbatical year in studying at Foyle.

The reason he decided to spend his sabbatical year in the city of culture is that his children's school has links with Foyle International. In 2010 Luis had made such a positive experience - he liked the friendly local people and also the helpful staff of Foyle International. He also likes the extensive history and interesting culture of our city and therefore he is spending his holidays in Derry.


On the picture you can see Luis with other spanish students studying at Foyle International.

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Monday 13 august 1 13 /08 /Aug 11:11

 DSCI1044.JPGOne week ago a 24 year old German student called Marco arrived in Derry. It's his 2nd time to Foyle as last year he spent 3 weeks in Derry improving his English skills. Marco is living in a host family who is located close to the city centre. This experience will give him the best opportunity to practise his English.

Marco will spend a total of 4 weeks in Derry - 2 weeks will be spent in English classes and then he will complete a further 2 weeks of work placement.

Marco is looking forward to his time at Foyle International and to have the opportunity to stay in Derry again.

The staff at Foyle International assist Marco to attend his English Classes, participate in trips and tours and integrate into his work experience placement. Marco loves the warm welcome which Derry people give to all visitors to the City. He also loves Irish Music.

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Welcome Meeting


City Tour-Derry





Giant's Causeway



Indoor Games



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Friday 10 august 5 10 /08 /Aug 12:35

Foyle saves International Sports Event

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